Hasya Yoga

On the occasion of first INTERNATIONAL YOG DIWAS here we are presenting some wallpapers which contains some innovative yogasans based on day to day behavior of prominent HASYA KAVIs of INDIA.
These Asans seems easy and funny but actually these may be useful for anybody as general human behavior is dependent on our acts.

Hasya Yog Aasan By Pradeep Chobey

Hasya Yog Asan by Arun GeminiHasya Yog Asan by Chirag Jain

Hasya yog asan by Sanjay JhalaHasya Yoga Asan by Swami Mahendra AjanabiHasya Yogasan by Swami Ramesh MuskanHasya Yogasan by Swami Shambhu ShikharHasya Yogasan by Swami Praveen Shukla